1.10 NON-ROYALTY SUBLICENSE INCOME: sublicensing fees, sublicensing maintenance fees, sublicensing milestone payments and similar non-licensing made by sublicenseds on the basis of sublicensors under this agreement. (h) During the exclusivity of this license in the United States, LICENSEE will result in the fact that any LICENCE PRODUCT manufactured in the United States for sale will be primarily manufactured in the United States. The licence registration fee or the modification of the registration of a licence is 177 Swiss francs. 9.3 LICENSEE presents in all sublicensings granted under this agreement that LICENSEE`s interest in such sublicensings is terminated, in the choice of HARVARD, for termination of it or transferred to Harvard. (c) from the time the process or service of this product is marketed or sold (except for the purpose of obtaining administrative approvals) by LICENSEE or a sub-licensed; AFFILIATE OR LICENSEE agent, LICENSEE, for its costs and costs alone, procure and maintain general liability commercial insurance in amounts of at least USD 2,000,000 per incident and USD 2,000,000 per year and designate benefits as additional policyholders. During clinical trials of such a product, process or service, LICENSEE will purchase and maintain, at its own cost and cost, general commercial liability insurance in the amount or to a lesser extent required by HARVARD, and will designate the compensation as additional insured. This general commercial liability insurance provides (i) product liability coverage and (ii) full contractual coverage for LICENSEE`s compensation under this agreement. If LICENSEE chooses to insure all or part of the limits described above (including deductions or deductions greater than $250,000 per year), such a self-insurance program for HARVARD and the Risk Management Foundation of Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc. must be acceptable at its sole discretion. The minimum amounts required for insurance coverage should not be interpreted to establish a limitation of liability for LICENSEE`s liability for its compensation under this agreement. 2) Designs a synthetic form of formulation or part of the formula granted under this agreement (a wording of the “O”), a payment of the licence on the basis of the net sale of commercial products or services containing the formulation to be negotiated – and will be reduced to less than 5% compared to the contribution of the synthetic form to the production of the , and royalties may be reduced to 0%. This agreement enters into force after it is signed by the PARTIES for a period of five (five) years with annual evaluation and may be extended for a period agreed by the PARTIES. (ii) to issue the object described and claimed in PATENT RIGHTS and to grant non-exclusive licenses to work and use the non-commercial purposes of RECHERCHE.

11. Licensees and licensees agree that this Agreement is in effect in accordance with California State law and that no other written promise or agreement will be permitted to amend the terms of this Agreement, except to the extent that these amendments are the result of subsequent written amendments agreed upon and signed by the licensee and .