Although the cost varies depending on the customer`s location and the duration of the rental, you can assume that a move with PODS costs about $500. Most long-distance movements cost between $1,000 and $5,000. Monthly storage fees start at $150 per month. A PODS rental costs between 820 USD (small apartment, short distance) at 5,840 USD (large house, long distance). Prices vary depending on the number and size of the containers, the containers that are traveled, your schedule and the season. PODS might be worth it for those who have an affordable way to get around. Although PODS moves your items from one place to another, you are the one who packs and unpacks your stuff. However, this is the main reason why you save money. We also like that PODS has 30-day rentals, which gives you more time to pack your bags and is useful for long-haul trains.

The application can be adapted to different types of storage spaces, including portable storage containers, self-storage facilities and other types of units. The electronic form contains all the necessary details, including the terms of the rental agreement, the tenant`s contact information and the price of the disk space. Once completed, warehouse owners and tenants can approve the contract electronically. We had to rent our three months (3- 16` sockets x 257.00 per monthly fee pod). It added up, but it was part of the agreement that came into him, so we knew it could happen if we didn`t find our new home here in TN (which we still don`t)… So we moved them to the local warehouse to save monthly rents. Just one thing you really need to think about. The personal Pods and runners are GREAT.

They are great people and collaborators and they were all treated very well on the phone and in person. Good morning, Timothy! Thank you for your comments! It really depends on the size/shape of your business and how many stuff you have. Some people may install a three-bedroom house in a 16-foot container; but others require more than one container. We advise you to consult our moving/storage calculator to get an approximate estimate of the amount of products that may contain a container: Again, thanks for the podS choice! Thank you for drawing our attention to this, Ellen. We would like to know more about your experience with us, please contact with your customer ID so we can take a look. We`re disappointed, Emil. We advise you to send us an email to with your customer ID and additional details so that we can help you as best we can. The POD Rental Agreement mobile application makes it easy to enter into storage container leases from anywhere in the field. Pods rents containers to movers interested in partial do-it-yourself moves in 44 countries.

Unlike other movers, PODS does not charge a fee based on the weight of your property. Instead, the company`s costs are based on the number of containers you rent and the duration of the lease. PODS rentals from month to month. I`m sure I`m not the only customer who has access to an online account to check all the information the agent has sold me? The dates I had planned, as well as the data they were going to charge me and the exact amount they charge…. so when I`ve read others say “I DIDNT KNOW” or “NO ONE TOLD ME THIS,” it`s all in your online account. Your pod agreement, even. It`s all there. I`m certainly not saying that PODs are perfect, I`m just saying as an adult who had horrible experiences before moving past the PODs, it wasn`t an impossible performance to just register on their site and check everything out. Does it take five seconds? It is likely that 80% of these problems that are deplored would have been resolved. The irony, if some shell casings in question refuse to accept responsibility for their screw and then in the same paragraph they did not know, lower all charges.

HIS IN YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT. That`s all. I`m very, very unhappy with the service. Everything was going to be