“Confidential information” of all information or confidential parts of the other party and related members of the other party that may be provided to him and his partner, knowingly, with respect to the agreement, including the limitation, content and existence of that agreement, as well as all future agreements envisaged in this agreement, as well as the fact that discussions and negotiations concerning these audits and transactions take place. 3.4 RESTRICTIONS. The client undertakes (i) not to rent, sell, rent, rent, mortgage, incriminate, authorize or otherwise transfer the product or otherwise use it for the property of a third party; (ii) reset, recompile or recompile the product or attempt to identify a product source code or underlying confidential information; (iii) merge the product with other software; (iv) to use the product on or with a system for which it was not intended (the preinstalled software product must remain in the hardware product); (v) to use the product in a manner that is not expressly authorized or may be illegal. (C) If the review is concluded, both parties intend to enter into another agreement that (i) the client would have a software license to illuminate; and (ii) illuminating would provide the products and services to the customer. 2.5 In order to avoid any doubt, except in paragraph 2 (subject to paragraph 7.4), this agreement is not obliged to require any part or one of its related companies to enter into a new agreement on the provision of products and services on an ongoing basis (non-trial) after the conclusion of the study (a “final agreement”). This agreement deals only with the proposed agreements and there is no other agreement between the parties with respect to goods and services, unless the parties have agreed to all the terms of a final agreement and both parties have signed a final agreement. “control”: the power of a person, a corporate law association or other separate legal entity to ensure (whether through the holding of shares, the holding of voting rights or by the powers conferred by the statutes, the Constitution, the social contract or any other document that governs that entity) that the affairs of another entity are managed (and interpreted according to their wishes). 3.2 SOFTWARE. For the evaluation of the software product and subject to the terms of this Agreement, EXABEAM grants the CLIENT a non-sublicensing, non-transferable, non-exclusive license for the production and display of the software product, only in the form of object code, in accordance with the documents and materials provided by EXABEAM and only for the internal evaluation of products by the CLIENT during the pilot period. 1.3 “Product” refers to EXABEAM`s security and data analytics products (hardware, software and/or SaaS owners) as well as all associated updates, materials and documentation that are made available to EXABEAM and its licensees under this contract. 12.2 waiverS; CHANGES; FULL AGREEMENT.

No failure or delay in the exercise of a right under this framework will be waived, nor will the partial exercise of a right or power in that framework exclude any further exercise. Exceptions or amendments are only effective if they have been made in writing and have been agreed upon by both parties. This agreement is the complete and exclusive declaration of mutual understanding between the parties and replaces and removes all previous written and oral agreements and communications concerning the purpose of this agreement.