A collective agreement (TES) is an interim contract between a union and an employer union on the conditions of employment observed in this area. Collective agreements are used to supplement legislation or to negotiate scope-specific contracts. The main principle is that collective agreements cannot contain terms that are less than the statutory requirements. Collective agreements are concluded for a fixed period of time, usually a year or two or more. A collective agreement and collective agreement on the salaries of public servants are mandatory for workers` and employers` organizations and their members. A collective agreement can also be universally binding. In this case, employers who are not members of an employers` organisation must respect the agreement and apply it to their employees. Contact Information and the Substantive Group Collective Agreement and Local Agreement in the Chemical Industry Welfare and Responsibility in the Chemical Industry In Finland, the rights of a worker are defined under collective and conventional agreements (ty-ettososopmus). He sets the minimum wage. B working time, leave, sick pay and conditions for termination of an employment contract.

Collective agreements are mainly in the Finnish world. Click here to see everyone. The collective agreement covers you against arbitrary dismissals and dismissals, because the agreements set out the rules to be followed in the event of termination, i.e. the so-called termination procedures. Employers` organizations and workers` organizations work together to agree on working conditions in a given area. The result is the creation of collective agreements (TES). In the public sector (with the state or a municipality as an employer), a collective agreement on the salaries of civil servants (VES) or a communal collective agreement (KVTES) is concluded. A collective agreement negotiated by a union gives you benefits that are much higher than the employment contract law. You can get more detailed information about the collective agreement as a Steward shop or from the Pro Employees Council.

In the event of a conflict, Pro members can get assistance from the Shop Steward and the Union staff council. Agreements are usually specific to the field. They include the conditions of employment of working office workers, for example. B, in the finance, IT services, construction, metallurgical and data communication sectors. Under the Collective Agreements Act, the terms of the collective agreement are mandatory for our member companies. Because of the extensive coverage of the agreements and the generally restrictive rule of the employment contract law, they also bind unrelated employers in the aforementioned branches. Due to the obligation to protect labour, it is forbidden to become familiar with the conditions set out in collective agreements during the duration of the contract. All collective agreements for 2020-2021 (in Finnish) When you start your new job, always check which collective agreement your job follows. Information about benefits and rights guaranteed by the collective agreement is often valuable.

If a foreign employer temporarily seconded a worker to work in Finland, the worker can be covered by the insurance of the sending country, whereby the insurance premiums are paid only in this case. As a general rule, a detached work certificate must be obtained by the sending country, unless it is a country that is an EU/EEA country or another country with a social security agreement.